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A devout raver and card-carrying music nerd long before she burst onto the drum & bass scene in 2018, when Lens looks out on the dancefloor she sees herself. She sees her people and understands what they’re experiencing. She knows exactly when to burn it up, when to cool it down, when to dig for the classics, when to drop an ice-fresh dubplate and when to throw such a mad surprise curveball it makes everyone lose their minds.
Nothing is off-limits when the young Brighton artist is in the mix as she joins dots beyond the subgenres with sudden twists into other styles from hip-hop to grime to dubstep. It’s why she’s rocketed up the ranks with such authority, catching the attention of major league D&B brands like Hospitality and Spearhead Records along the way.
Transmitting her energy and enthusiasm to the airwaves, Lens became the voice of Hospital Records’ Rinse show in 2019, representing the scene’s biggest label with the same wide-armed eclecticism she approaches her performances with.
The same can be said for Lens productions. Establishing herself as a recording artist in 2022 with the same fire and flare she did when she emerged as a DJ several years before, releases such as ‘Love The Way’ (with Lally) and the full-flavoured Spearhead EP ‘Marufo’ reveal even more of Lens’s musical range, passion for fusion and deep roots… As a raver, as a music nerd and as a DJ who can look a dance floor in the eye and know exactly what they need to hear.

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