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Bugzy Malone


The first successful grime MC to hail from Manchester, Bugzy Malone emerged as one of the leading figures of the genre’s resurgence during the 2010s. He credits 2Pac as his biggest influence. This is because he is known for his rapid yet precise vocal delivery and aggressive rhymes about criminal activity. In addition, he has more introspective lyrics about his emotional struggles. His early mixtapes helped him make his name, and he followed them up with three EPs and a full-length that hit the UK’s album chart, along with several charting singles leading up to his second album, The Resurrection, in 2021. Malone has featured with a number of heavy industry heavyweights while becoming one himself. Having appeared in Guy Ritchie’s 2019 comedy The Gentlemen, he has now added movies to his resume.

Bugzy Malone x TeeDee

Out of Nowhere (Official Video)


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